One question that arises to many people when they intend to move to another home is how long does it take to execute a move?

It is a difficult question to answer accurately because each move and personal circumstances are different. But let’s try to give a rough idea about how long it takes to make a move to get an idea about how to organize.

If we count the time since you start looking for a new place that suits your needs and budget until you move, we can be talking about months or lucky weeks and auspicious days.

If we count the time since we started looking for the new home, we can talk about months until we find the right place that suits your tastes and needs, or with great luck, it can take only a week or less. It also depends on if you use a cheap moving company or a more expensive one. If you are moving homes on the cheap the company might only move prepackaged boxes. So it will be a faster move but more work on your end to pack and unpack. If you opt for a full moving service. Then things will take longer but the move will be less work for you.

Once past the first process of looking for a new home, you can start with the preparations for your move.

Organize and pack your belongings. Depending on how long you have to move home, you can take it more or less calmly.

If you do not have a lot of free time, with one or two months in advance, you should not have problems leaving everything perfectly organized and packed.

In case you have more time 3 weeks in advance you will have enough to prepare for the transfer.

And in case it is an urgent move you will have to do it better than you can or hire a moving company to take care of the whole thing and not have to stress with the move. Or at least not so much.

If you work as an employee by law, you have a few days free to move. We recommend that you do it on a Friday and take advantage of the weekend to unpack your objects and organize them.

After those first days, you will probably need another week or two to leave everything in place. Keep in mind that when moving to a home you will have to install all furniture, appliances and electronic devices. Which does not seem like it, but it takes a long time.

In short, if we had to answer what it takes to make a move, we could say that it takes approximately between one and two months until it is fully adapted to your new residence.

Although, this changes according to your conditions. The transfer of a study is not the same as the housing of a family with children.

We expect that you have found it useful, and in case you are looking for a removal company in Malaga to help you, contact us without obligation.